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Acupressure classes in Delhi

Acupressure is an ancient healing art in which fingers are used to gradually and gently press the key healing points of the body to release blocked energy. The free flow of energy in the body removes fatigue, stress, and brings deep relaxation.

Course fees starts from ₹ 2500.00 to ₹ 8000.00

Acupressure courses are : DAT, MD Acu, DAyA and Nail Therapy

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
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  • Course Durations : 46 Hours in total

Since energy blocks occur at the healing points, the pressing of strategic healing points releases the energy to reduce tension, pain, rigidness in body increase blood circulation, and develops immunity. It enhances the life force energy of the body, which aids in self-healing. The acupressure is a perfect self-treatment method that can be used as a preventive health care measure.

The self awareness of the healing point will help the man and woman to stimulate the circulatory, hormonal and lymphatic system of the body to increase the self healing ability of the body. Persons suffering from a headache, chronic body pain, disturbed sleep, digestive issues, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, and musculoskeletal pain will get immense help by learning acupressure techniques.

The use of acupressure therapy requires knowledge of key healing points on hands body and on the sole of the foot. Besides this knowledge the person going for self-therapy must also know the difference between a pain due to stress and actual pain in the body. The treatment in these two cases will be different as will be the healing points.

The Acupressure Classes in Delhi will help anyone interested in acupressure to gain the knowledge about the simple therapy in a short period of time. The person can get instant relief from pain and aches after learning the techniques of acupressure. The best thing about acupressure is that one can get relief without the intake of medicines drug or painkillers. It reduces dependence on the medicines and provides a cost-effective treatment method in the comfort of the home whenever the need arises.

  • Special Notes : We also provide internship for our students.

Syllabus for Diploma in Acupressure

♦  The benefits of reflexology.
♦  How reflexology works ?
♦  The history and origins of reflexology.
♦  Study of foot charts and reflex zones.
♦  Holistic Approach.
♦  Preparation of self room and client care.
♦  Relaxation techniques.
♦  Disorders and conditions.
♦  Signs and symptoms.
♦  Contraindication.
♦  Foot charta and interpreting.
♦  Methods of consultation, lifestyle, evaluating, reviewing and aftercare advice.
♦  Stress management and effects of nutrition.
♦  Legislation, consent and keeping records.
♦  Referral procedures.
♦  Important of nutrition and water.

Syllabus for Md. Acupressure

♦  Anatomy with reference to accupressure.
♦  History, philosophy and principles of accupressure therapy.
♦  Base reflexology ( Face, Ear and Spine).
♦  Yin-Yang concept and Five elements therapy.
♦  Meridianology of 14 channels.
♦  Moxibition Technique.
♦  Method of tonification and sedation of points.
♦  Important HORARY POINTS for fast n quick recovery.
♦  How can we diagnose diseases by fingers, by colour, by taste, by hand, by birth time, by age ?
♦  Electro Stimulation on important points.
♦  Use of acupressure instruments.
♦  A 45 minutes complete practical package of spine diseases.

What is acupressure and its uses ?

As we discussed earlier, acupressure is nothing but soothing the pain by applying pressure on the connected areas on your body. There are 12 major meridians that connect a network or specific organs in your body. These meridians communicate with the brain when activated or pressed with the fingertips. So, whenever a particular meridian is pressed, the related organ gets activated and your pain/problem gets reduced or completely solved.

How does acupressure points work ?

Not many people believe the efficiency of the acupressure therapy, especially those educated people who stress on taking medicines suggested by the doctor. But, we should remember that Acupressure is not a new practice and has been around for centuries with better results. Generally, a session takes around 1 hour to complete and it may require repeated sessions to get the complete relief from the problem. The major outcome of these sessions would be your body gets relieved from negative energy (Yin) and absorb positive energy (Yan). The acupressure points connect to the brain, which then releases endorphins to relieve the pain.

Difference between acupressure and acupuncture

Both the techniques use the same pressure points and meridians, but you apply finger pressure in Acupressure therapy while needles are used in Acupuncture therapy. When you apply the pressure, the pressure points are stimulated and as a result they release muscular tension, promote blood circulation and enhances life force energy of our body to aid in better healing. It also helps to relieve pain, detoxification, toning the muscles and even improve the sexual reproductive system.

Does acupressure therapy have any side effects ?

Since the main strategy of Acupressure is to cure the pains and aches of our body in a natural way through applying some pressure at the related point, it is absolutely safe and has no major side effects.

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Other Courses

Acupressure Courses

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
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  • Time : 11.30 AM

D.A.T - Diploma in Acupressure Therapy at ₹ 5000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 02.30 PM

M.D.Acu - Masters Diploma in Acupressure Therapy at ₹ 8000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 04.30 PM

D.Ay.A - Diplome in Ayurveda Acupressure at ₹ 2500.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Shahista Khan
  • |
  • Time : 11.30 AM

Nail Therapy at ₹ 2500.00



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