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Acupuncture classes in Delhi

Acupuncture is one of the simplest and an effective way to treat various physical, mental, and emotional diseases. This is part of the traditional Chinese medical system, which is based on the premise that pattern of flow of energy’ qi ‘in Chinese, determines the state of health of a person.

Course fees starts from ₹ 12000.00

Acupuncture courses are : M.D. Electro Acu and A.E.A

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
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  • Course Durations : 36 Hours in total

The acupuncture therapy is based on the insertion of fine needles at the strategic point on the body to remove any blockage of energy and stimulate the natural self -healing of the body.

The points are selected by the acupuncturist on the basis of the disease that is being cured. The use of fine needles restores the energy balance near the skin and frees the blocked energy. The acupuncture is an effective remedy for back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, sexual issues, headaches, osteoarthritis, obesity, lack of sex drive, muscle pain, anxiety, depression etc. It is the best treatment for any kind of chronic pain.

Besides treating various diseases the system can also be used for enhancing immunity and promoting wellbeing without the use of medicines. The Acupuncture Classes in Delhi help the interested persons, doctors, nurses and medical staff or anyone who wants to learn the system to understand the basic of the course and its benefits. The acupuncturist teaches the way to insert fine needles on the meridian of the energy of the body.

The energy flows through these meridians or energy pathways. The classes will help a learner to find the point of insertion of fine needles and the art of insertion of fine needles into the body. The insertion of the fine needles is done on the 360 major points of the body on the hands, arms, head, back and on major organs. Insertion of fine needles at these points stimulates the healing system of the body.

  • Special Notes : We also provide internship for our students.

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Other Courses

Acupuncture Courses

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 11.30 AM

M.D. Electro Acu - Masters Diploma in Electro Acupuncture at ₹ 12000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 02.30 PM

A.E.A. - Advanced Electro Acupuncture at ₹ 12000.00



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