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Ayurveda classes in Delhi

The persons interested in the learning Ayurveda are provided both theory and practical classes. The Ayurveda experts with years of experience in teaching the system take the classes in small batches so that contact is established with everyone in the class.

Course fees starts from ₹ 5000.00

Ayurveda courses

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
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  • Course Durations : 16 Hours in total

The best study materials containing detailed knowledge on the Ayurveda are given to the students without extra charge. The study material is compiled and developed by the experts with deep knowledge of the subjects. The students are also given the lessons on various Ayurveda massages, Panchkarma theory, detoxification process and oil, herbs their benefits and role of diet.

The Ayurveda classes in Delhi also help the students to learn basic principles of Ayurveda, panchkarma, rasayan, vajikaran, introduction to Ayurveda oil, basic formulations and how to identify the doshas, which leads to diseases.

The study materials and experience of the experts help the students to grasp the subject without any difficulty. The practical classes are also conducted to help the students to apply the knowledge they learned during the theory classes. The basic certificate courses, advanced courses, marma massage, and a course on Ayurveda as preventive and life style disorder management are also taught to the students of the Ayurveda.

The knowledge of Ayurveda not only cures various diseases but also maintains the health of a person and promotes well - being through individuals in the society. It is both a preventive and curative system. One can also learn the Ayurveda to live a healthy life under all-weather conditions and change the eating and living according to the changing weather.

  • Special Notes : We also provide internship for our students.

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