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Professional classes in Delhi

VATTC conducts residential two and four weeks Ayurveda practitioner courses and Ayurveda nutritional courses at its Delhi center.

Course fees starts from ₹ 2500.00 to ₹ 15000.00

Professional courses are : D.P.K, Kerala Massage, Body Alignment and F.H. Laser Massage

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Course Durations : 36 Hours in total

The nature of the course offered in our center is very elaborate and comprehensive, ensuring that theory, as well as practical approach, are well blended into each other for excellent results in training and application.

This program ensures that beginners of the program gain vast knowledge, but that they can also increase their knowledge and competence in Ayurvedic methodologies and applications.

VATTC provide long-term certification courses in Ayurveda. The course is best-suited for those who are interested in an intensive course of Ayurveda in learning and teaching the Knowledge of Ayurveda to others. One can imbibe the knowledge of Ayurveda in their lives, for better wellbeing. Long term courses give you a deeper insight into the healing techniques and theories of Ayurveda.

The first level of the Professional Course is a well-drafted course for beginners. This course is best suited for those who are at the beginning stages of learning. The course opens the way for those who aspire to enter into the holiness of Ayurveda. The beginner course is conducted throughout the year and one can enroll according to their own convenience. The duration is few hours only.

  • Special Notes : We also provide internship for our students.

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Other Courses

Professional Courses

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 11.30 AM

D.P.K - Diploma in Panchkarma at ₹ 15000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 02.30 PM

Kerala Massage at ₹ 5000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 04.30 PM

Body Alignment at ₹ 25000.00

  • Classes By : Dr. Rakesh Sharma
  • |
  • Time : 05.30 PM

Face and Hair Laser Massage at ₹ 5000.00



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