Reiki Classes in Delhi

Reiki is a Japanese word for cosmic energy healing. In Reiki the universal energy and body energy is used to heal a receiver. The healing is done through the movement of hands over the body of the receiver. Reiki healing relaxes the body, rejuvenates the mind and spirit. It does not involve any medicine or drugs and is considered the simplest and effective treatment method. It is a positive, divine and pure energy that is capable of healing a lot of physical, mental, and emotional issues. It is the method through which one connects with the universal source of energy.

The Reiki is the safest treatment way for self-treatment. It is easy to learn and a learner just has to concentrate and touch the body with the hands. The Reiki classes in Delhi are conducted to give the basic knowledge of Reiki and then gradually take the person to the next levels of degrees from Reiki 1 to reiki 3 A, 3B and then Grand Master. After learning the Reiki the person will be able to treat others as well as use it for self-healing. It is one of the best and highly effective self-improvement methods also. Through self Reiki therapy a person can get the immense body and mind relaxation. The reiki healing is without any side effect and creates a positive environment around the person by generating and attracting positive energy.

The reiki is passed by the master to the receiver through a process known as the attunement. Through attunement the energy channels are opened and the permanent connection is made between the divine cosmic and person attument. Anyone can learn the reiki without any need for knowledge of meditation and yoga. Once a person becomes a Reiki channel it remains with the person and he or she never loses it.


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