Sujok Classes in Delhi

Sujok is a Korean healing system in which palms and sole of the foot represent the organs of the human body and pressing of the healing points representing the organs of the body brings desired results. The therapy can be self-administered to treat various kinds of illness. The therapy rests on the fact that hands and feet are the location of the active points linked to all parts and organs of the body and stimulating these points leads to curative effects. The system is based on the ancient medico philosophical principles.

The Sujok therapy does not involve the use of any medicine or drug. It helps one to reduce dependence on drugs and medicine in treating several medical issues. It enhances the natural healing system of the body to cure various physical, mental and emotional issues. Sujok brings relief in blood pressure, headache, asthma, constipation, insomnia, back pain, lower back pain, gastric, acidity, migraine, digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, nervousness, gastro - esophageal reflex to name just a few. It also eases the side effects of chemotherapy.

With Sujok anyone can use the techniques to get rid of medical issues and also bring harmonious balance to body mind and life. The Sujok classes in Delhi are the ideal learning point for housewives, elders, social workers, and anyone who believes in the alternative system of treatment. It is very important to know the exact points on the hands and feet, which must be stimulated for getting the desired results. Classes are conducted by the highly experienced Sujok practitioner. The Sujok techniques can be used for both for treating a medical issue and also as preventive health measures as it is a comprehensive health system. Variety of materials such as seeds, micro magnets, palm leaves, ring massagers, are used to stimulate the correspondence points on feet and hand.


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